Studwalls, Bulkheads, Ceiling Framing & More

Studwalls and partitions made to order and to budget. 

ceiling framing

Studwalls, Partitions & bulkheads. Suspended grid ceiling framing.

At Complete Plasterboard Services Perth, we can install all types of ceiling systems inc bulkhead framing and studwalls to suit your needs.

Whether its a box bulkhead for HVAC ducting or installing new ceiling battens for a coffit raised ceiling, flat level framing is essential for that perfect finish

Residential and Commercial, New or existing, at Perth’s lowest prices.

ceiling framing & wall framing.

Suspended grid ceilings and studwalls installed at Perth’s most affordable prices!

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Residential & Commercial

Suspended Ceiling. Grid systems. Exposed and hidden.

A suspended ceiling system is usually hanging from suspension rods that are fixed higher up. The border of the room is laser leveled out to find flat. Top cross rails connect to furring channels.

Furring channels can be spaced at 450mm (Cyclonic) or 600mm centres.

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StudWalls. Partitions. Internal framing

Studwalls consist of a floor track, a ceiling track and studs spaced evenly apart. Doorframes and window frames are built into the wall frames as needed.   

Made from timber or steel, our wall frames are bolted to the floor, ceiling and walls.

StudWalls and partitions.

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Bulkheads come in all shapes and sizes. Some are there to allow for cabling/ducting or to allow for an obstruction in the roof space.

Whatever the reason, Complete Platserboard Services can construct sturdy steel frame bulkheads for any need. 

Bulkheads and box features.

Steel frame for strength.

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