Sagging Ceilings?

With a

Lift & Rescrew.

You'll be

Safe & Sound.

 Sagging ceilings can be lifted, repaired & restored at low costs.

Complete Plasterboard Services Perth is your quality  sagging ceiling and cornice repair service in Perth.

Cracking cornice can also be repaired or replaced. Water leaks through the roof  or burst pipe can wet the insulation and ceiling sheets  which creates weight causing the ceiling to drop and fall.

We can prevent the collapse and larger costs by repairing your damaged ceiling today!

Dont ignore the warning signs

Sagging ceilings are best repaired early.

Ceiling cracks and sagging are the first signs of a collapsing ceiling. Cornice cracking and warping is also a sign.

Getting a ceiling lift and rescrew at the earliest stage ensures a stronger restorastion of the sagging ceiling.


Fast, reliable service.

Complete Plasterboard Services can deliver a fast reliable service and get your sagging damaged ceilings repaired and restored in a timely manner. A standard house can be lifted and rescrewed within a day.

Sagging ceilings repaired
Ceiling Saved 100%
Cracking cornice and moldings
Restored 100%
Piece of mind 100%

Ceiling Saved

Sagging ceilings can be lifted & rescrew’d

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