What is Shadowline P50?

A constant 10mm ‘line of shadow’ around the perimeter of the ceiling. Shadowline P50 creates a floating panel look to the ceiling. It never actually touches the walls. 

No Cornice.

Shadowline P50 consists of a constant 10mm x 10mm ‘line of shadow’ that looks appealing, whatever the colors.

Cornice trims can sometimes be extrusive and bulky. Shadowline takes up no space and leaves a square corner

Ceiling Style .

Style is everything. With P50 installed, it will create a stylish clean look and a spacious feel to any room.

Shadowline P50 works best in larger rooms with open spaces.  It also works well on stylish features such as bulkheads and coffer ceilings.

Low Costs.

Complete Ceiling – Repairs & Installs Perth can install a Shadowline P50 ceiling at Perths lowest prices!

A new ceiling install with Shadowline P50 can be done at low costs. If taken into consideration during the framing and fixing stage, best results are achieved. 

Clean Modern solution

Get your Shadowline P50 ceiling installed by the best!

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